Tips For Choosing The Best Trophy

Finding the best trophy for your school sports team or local sports club might be a relatively simple task. However, the choice becomes a bit more testing when it comes to corporate awards.

A golfer is happy receiving an award featuring a golfer playing a golf club, a golf ball, or simply a stylized tee. Similarly, a cricketer or hockey player is likely to be happy receiving a trophy representing some piece of sporting equipment that relates to his/her individual sport.

But what should you choose when you want to reward the best personal assistant in the accounts department? What about the best salesperson? Such questions don’t have to be as hard as they first appear as you will quickly discover. Today, awards can be stylized to meet just about any requirements to better recognize individual achievements in the most appropriate way possible.

What are the characteristics of a great trophy? Simply put, they can be distilled to a couple of criteria that can be used when you want to determine which one to choose for your next corporate awards night.

The trophy should ideally be consistent with the ethos of the company. Some companies prefer making their award nights a low key and humorous affair while others prefer keeping things a bit more serious. The trophy you select should reflect the expectations of the company in this regard.

The trophy needs to represent the award’s significance. Employees usually seek to win awards just for the recognition it accords them with superiors and peers. For this type of award, the trophy needs to be a symbol and needs to be designed specifically to reflect this attribute. For this reason, it is better to consider getting a high-quality trophy rather than a ‘bottom shelf’ product.

Keep in mind the fact that trophies are souvenirs for some people and they will display them in their homes for all to see. Due to this reason, the trophy’s style should reflect its end use and should contain some element of the personality of the awardee. For instance, if the best salesperson also loves gardening, it could be appropriate to award a trophy that reflects the recognition of their performance at work as well as in their hobby.

Customized awards and trophies are appropriate in virtually all circumstances if your plan is to make a good, lasting impression with employees. Customization is what gives you the flexibility to reflect on the standards of the company while also including an element of the specific reward for high achieving employees. Such customization takes the trophy away from the sporting realm and makes them more individually appropriate, which is likely to encourage employees to meet standards expected of them.

It is quite evident that corporate awards don’t have to be a boring repetition of the events that you remember back from your school sporting days. Companies can make the most of the customization options available and the huge variety of trophies on the market to reward employees appropriately.