Vitamin Rich Foods: Feed Your Body

Our bodies are dependent on vitamin rich foods for minerals and vitamins. They help us function well and stay healthy. If you ever end up with a lack of any of the 13 essential nutritional vitamins your health will suffer and you might loose the ability to perform at your best.

Vitamins are natural substances, which our body needs. In fact all living creatures need them to stay alive and healthy.

Natural vitamins are found in vitamin rich foods and  fit into two groups: those which dissolve in water (water soluble) and those that break down in body fat, or (fat soluble). To day, researchers have established thirteen nutritional vitamins, each of them making use of their own distinctive characteristics. Now there are 9 water-soluble vitamins: 8 B vitamins and ascorbic acid.

Just about every  major food groups provides a variety of vitamins. Your body eliminates water-soluble vitamins in the event that the amounts of the different vitamins increase too much. As a result of this, they will rarely reach harmful levels. On the other hand, the 4 fat-soluble vitamins-A, D, E, as well as K-are preserved inside the liver along with fat in the body, which can mean  large amounts of the fat-soluble vitamins can increase to harmful quantities in your body.

When vitamins and minerals arent produced in the required quantities by a living organism then they need to be acquired through a healthy diet.

There are a variety of nutritional vitamins which are needed by all living creatures in order to keep them healthy. Different types of animals necessitate different levels of the range of vitamins i. e. vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is really important for people but not for other animals.

There are many types of Vitamin Rich Foods

There are many foods which can supply the human bodys vitamin requirements. By eating a diverse diet that contains vitamin rich foods youll be able to remain fit and healthy.

On the other hand a lack of or even a lowered amount of these kinds of vitamins in your body could cause numerous health issues, like night time blindness simply because a lack of a Vitamin A, pellagra because of a lack of vitamin B3, scurvy thanks to a lack of vitamin C deficiency, bleeding due to a lack of vitamin K as well as other  health issues. These  are attributable to a deficiency of many different vitamins and minerals in your body.

All medical professionals encourage people to eat a healthy well balanced diet. There are plenty of vitamin rich foods such as fruits, vegetables, eggs, liver and nuts to choose from.

It is often suggested you eat no less than one egg each day and also to drink a glass of milk a couple of times each day to be able to keep healthy. This will help provide the nutritional vitamins which are essential for your body. Eggs can be enjoyed either boiled or hard or perhaps  eaten as an omelet. However you enjoy them they are regarded as very nutritious and therefore are considered to be one of the most important vitamin rich foods.

Leafy vegetables such as green spinach contain considerable amounts of vitamin K, B7 and A. Possibly the ideal way to enjoy this type of vitamin rich foods is to use them with your sandwiches or in the preparing of other healthy snacks.