Tips For Choosing The Best Trophy

Finding the best trophy for your school sports team or local sports club might be a relatively simple task. However, the choice becomes a bit more testing when it comes to corporate awards.

A golfer is happy receiving an award featuring a golfer playing a golf club, a golf ball, or simply a stylized tee. Similarly, a cricketer or hockey player is likely to be happy receiving a trophy representing some piece of sporting equipment that relates to his/her individual sport.

But what should you choose when you want to reward the best personal assistant in the accounts department? What about the best salesperson? Such questions don’t have to be as hard as they first appear as you will quickly discover. Today, awards can be stylized to meet just about any requirements to better recognize individual achievements in the most appropriate way possible.

What are the characteristics of a great trophy? Simply put, they can be distilled to a couple of criteria that can be used when you want to determine which one to choose for your next corporate awards night.

The trophy should ideally be consistent with the ethos of the company. Some companies prefer making their award nights a low key and humorous affair while others prefer keeping things a bit more serious. The trophy you select should reflect the expectations of the company in this regard.

The trophy needs to represent the award’s significance. Employees usually seek to win awards just for the recognition it accords them with superiors and peers. For this type of award, the trophy needs to be a symbol and needs to be designed specifically to reflect this attribute. For this reason, it is better to consider getting a high-quality trophy rather than a ‘bottom shelf’ product.

Keep in mind the fact that trophies are souvenirs for some people and they will display them in their homes for all to see. Due to this reason, the trophy’s style should reflect its end use and should contain some element of the personality of the awardee. For instance, if the best salesperson also loves gardening, it could be appropriate to award a trophy that reflects the recognition of their performance at work as well as in their hobby.

Customized awards and trophies are appropriate in virtually all circumstances if your plan is to make a good, lasting impression with employees. Customization is what gives you the flexibility to reflect on the standards of the company while also including an element of the specific reward for high achieving employees. Such customization takes the trophy away from the sporting realm and makes them more individually appropriate, which is likely to encourage employees to meet standards expected of them.

It is quite evident that corporate awards don’t have to be a boring repetition of the events that you remember back from your school sporting days. Companies can make the most of the customization options available and the huge variety of trophies on the market to reward employees appropriately.

Beginner’s Guide To Choosing A Laneway Home Builder

When building or renovating a house, it is important to consider using professional services. Yes, it is true that certain renovations can be done independently, but many recommend professional assistance to avoid excessive expense and stress. When choosing the correct builder, it is important to choose a person you trust with a good reputation.

Unfortunately, not all builders have good reputations and you must take considerations into account before hiring them. This article will provide information on what points to take into account when choosing a laneway home builder.

1. Licensing And Insurance

Begin with the essentials – licensing and insurance. Do not hire a professional who is not properly insured or without a license. Insurance is important because it protects you from any liability regarding workplace injury. The professional needs to provide you with insurance documents to prove their insurance policies. If they do, it is recommended you call the insurance agency to prove the legitimacy.

While contractors do not require licenses for renovation work, the majority of US states require builders to be registered with the Homeowner Protection Office to work. Once again, you should always ask the contractor for their licensing and take a photograph of it. You can then check the license by contacting the Homeowner Protection Office.

2. Their Credentials

Another significant piece of paper is the builder’s credentials. Professional qualifications are more than documents indicating the contractor’s skills; they indicate their level of proficiency and competency. A builder’s qualifications can be validated by contacting the institute where they received the credential. Moreover, you should consider memberships in organizations that require certain standards. By having registered with certain organizations, the builder will be obliged to practice according to specific regulations and a code of conduct.

3. Knowledge Regarding Bylaws And Permits

One element that is not often discussed is the builder’s knowledge of bylaws and permits. It is highly recommended that you hire a builder who has a strong knowledge of the bylaws regarding property construction, as well as knowledge of the permits required. While they may be skilled in building or renovating structures, it means nothing if they are not clued up on the legal side of things.

4. The Contract

It is crucial that you sign a contract before beginning a project. The contract should be detailed including the specifications of construction, the scope of work, payment terms, and many other elements of the project. This requires a great deal of planning, organization, and attention to ensure the project outcome is successful. If the contract is not clear and detailed, then you should consider choosing another home builder.

5. Cash Payments

Cash payments can be easier in some cases, but if a builder asks for cash, then you should end the contract immediately. Building services requesting cash payments are often less reliable contracting companies with poor reputations. When choosing a laneway home builder, it is important that the payment system is a reliable and “non-scam” one.

Final Words

As can be seen, there are several considerations to be made when choosing a laneway home builder. Ranging from payment systems to licensing, you should take these factors into account when choosing the best builder for your needs.

What To Consider When Choosing A Pallet Racking System

When it comes to designing a warehouse pallet rack system, there is a lot of work and planning involved. This is why we’ve put together a few tips. If you want to ensure the process of building a pallet rack system goes smoothly, then read on.

1. Create A Master Plan

pallet rackingA master plan should be created before doing anything. This will give you guidance on what your storage requirements will be. Trust us, this is crucial because it makes things a whole lot easier.

For example, will you load items onto the pallets before you store them or will you place items individually on the racks. Are any of the items too large or shaped oddly and do you have items that are a bit long and thin because if so, then you might want to go with a cantilever system. If you have items that have a fast turnover, then a gravity-fed setup might be the best option.

Determine what type of packing systems and warehouse system you are currently using.

Figure out what you need in the future if you want the utmost efficiency. The bottom line is to create a master plan before you do anything.

When planning a pallet rack storage system, one of the things you’ll want to consider is your budget. Bear in mind that it is far better to spend money on a quality and effective system than it is to spend money on a very cheap and low-quality system.

Plus, you can significantly reduce expenditure when you invest in a quality pallet rack system that has a long lifespan.

2. The Layout Of Your Warehouse

After you create your master plan, you want to become familiar with the current layout of your warehouse. Structure and the amount of space available can easily ruin even the best plan, which is why you want to become familiar with your warehouse’s limitations in regards to height, shape and size. All of these things play a role in choosing a pallet rack system.

The reason why the above is important is because you need plenty of space for various warehouse activities. This includes forklift being able to turn circles, as well as space for walkways. You also need space for drive through, windows, entrances, exits and safety items to name a few.

3. Consider All Options

You might have a solid idea of what kind of pallet rack system you want. However, consider the other options out there. The truth is there are many pallet rack systems you can choose from.

You might find an alternative storage and retrieval system that suits your warehouse better than what you originally wanted. It’s a good idea to work with a supplier that has several options available. You should make sure the supplier you’re working with can supply extra units, as well as able to perform maintenance and repairs because these are all things you might need in the future.

4. Know The Rules Of Racking

There are basic rules when it comes to constructing a pallet rack storage system. This includes adding around 25cm to the width of a pallet, if you want pallet bays that are double than the average size. This is because you want to make sure there is plenty of space between the upright sections, as this will allow you to easily store and remove pallets.

Another rule is in regards to maneuvering. You want at least 15cm between the bottom of the beam and the top of the pallet loads. If there isn’t enough clearance, then you might damage the pallet racks as well as the items that are being stored.

The shock factor rule is another rule to consider. This rule is about giving margin for weight rating when heavier than average items are being placed on the racks. This rule is extremely important to remember.

Finally, work with a specialist that is highly skilled and experienced. The best pallet rack specialists will ensure your projects goes as smoothly as possible. Above all else, they will make sure you end up with a high quality pallet racking system.